For nearly a decade I’ve studied holistic health and natural medicine and I’m passionate about it’s effectiveness. Our bodies are fearfully and wonderfully made, capable of achieving health and vitality when supported in the most natural ways possible. 

Are you interested in raising healthy, thriving children but you’re not sure where to start?

Do you struggle with chronic, unresolved health issues?

Were you recently diagnosed with a disease and wonder if there’s a drug-free solution?

Do you long to make healthy choices but are unsure how to bring the family on-board?

At Thrive! CMH Holistic Health and Wellness Center I meet with clients just like you. Together we identify effective solutions to address their health concerns and get them feeling better fast. I’m excited to work with you, too!

It’s time to feel better.



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Interested in receiving holistic care for yourself or your child? Natural therapies support the body with no side effects, unlike conventional drugs. They are safe, effective and make you stronger and more resilient! 

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