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What Is Aromatherapy?

Here at the Nourishing Herbalist you’ll find three forms of alternative medicine we’ve discovered invaluable in our quest for vitality: herbalismhomeopathy…and aromatherapy.

Aromatherapy uses essential oils – highly-potent substances acquired from volatile plant material – to promote healing and facilitate wellness. As with homeopathy and herbalism, aromatherapy is not limited to improving simply one pillar of our health but two: mind and body. 

Essential oils offer both psychological (stimulating) and

physical (therapeutic) benefits.

Many essential oils contain natural chemical constitutions that are antibiotic, antiviral, and antiseptic making them an excellent tool in preventing disease. Concurrent with our use of tonic herbs, we believe prevention is always better than a cure. Use essential oils to prevent illness from manifesting in the body in the first place.

The term “aromatherapy” can be a bit misleading. Essential oils can be acquired by the body through the lungs by inhaling the potent aromatic vapors but they also can be absorbed through the pores of the skin into the bloodstream and even ingested. 

Imagine our joy to discover yet another natural remedy that bolsters health, wards off disease and compliments our culinary passions!


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