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Welcome! Clients at Thrive! CMH include adults, children and families, consulted in-person (Greater Columbus Ohio area only) or via phone.

Consultation Hours:

 Monday – Friday: By Appointment Only

Closed Saturday & Sunday

Consultation Options:

Chronic Health Issues – First Consultation (90-120 minute duration)

During our time together we’ll thoroughly discuss your medical history, current health concerns and overall health goals. Then we’ll work together to craft a personalized, effective health plan that may include recommendations in lifestyle modification, diet, spiritual & mental health and various natural therapies. The first consultation includes:

:: an initial, in-person (if applicable), two (2) hour meeting 

:: a written protocol clearly outlining your recommended next steps

:: further resources to increase your chances of obtaining your health goals, as needed

:: email support for up to 6 weeks (all emails answered within 1 business day)

Any supplements recommended in your protocol are available for purchase at the conclusion of your appointment or you are free to purchase them elsewhere. Client supplement costs vary depending on the severity of the health issues.  


Chronic Health Issues – Follow-Up Consultation (45 – 60 minutes duration):

One or more subsequent consultations are needed depending on the severity of your health issue to evaluate progress, determine next steps and assess any supplement needs.



Informational Consultation (30 – 45 minutes duration)

If you’re looking for more information on natural health care or have questions about specific remedies or therapies, then this basic consultation is just the thing.

For pricing and scheduling, please contact us!