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Basil, parsley and lettuce

The term “herbalism” – also called phytotherapy and herbal/botanical medicine — refers to an ancient practice of employing organic plant material to facilitate health and wellness in the body

Herbalism has often been confused with another form of alternative medicine: homeopathy; the two are quite different, but share similarity in their derivation from natural substances. 

Disease and ailments of all kinds have plagued mankind since the Fall. But the Lord did not leave us without the hope of healing. Our Lord longs to turn curses into blessings, as evidenced through the grand Redemption Story of Jesus Christ, but also even in the smallest ways. The very “thorns and thistles” resulting from the curse are, themselves, a gift and are some of the most remarkable healing herbs available to us. 

What may appear a common lawn weed is often host to a plethora of medicinal uses… and they’re free for the picking!* 

For thousands of years man has discovered healing properties in scores of different plants. These herbs are valued for their excellent nutritional benefits and medicinal properties and are used worldwide. Considering the number of prescription drug-related deaths outnumber dietary and herbal supplement related deaths an estimated eight thousand to one, it makes sense to try herbs for any situation as long as it is safe to do so.

As the saying goes, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. When used regularly, herbs reduce the incidence of those crisis situations and facilitate healing from past experiences. And the best way to integrate herbs into your everyday life can be through our favorite activity: cooking!  

Dandelion Banana Muffins

Herbs prepared with other foods are readily assimilated by our bodies and offer tremendous benefits when used over time. You’ve heard the adage “you are what you eat”… that couldn’t be more true! In America our common lawn weeds – nettle and dandelion – are hardy and tenacious. Yet when ingested they produce the same desirable health qualities in the human body. 

Here at the Nourishing Herbalist, we want to inspire you to take advantage of the healing agents right in your own kitchen and backyard. After spending some time with us we guarantee you’ll never look at your spice cabinet the same! The herbal recipes we’ve created utilize both common herbs and spices in your culinary arsenal (with an understanding of how they’re beneficial) but also plants not part of the normal diet.

For all their benefits, herbs are not always harmless. In fact, several of the most powerful herbs for healing are limited to minimal uses and can cause unwanted side effects and even inhibit current prescription medications. However, the safest herbs – tonic herbs – are what you’ll find primarily in our recipes. 

The word “tonic” is a derivative of “tone”, a musical term, suggesting complete wholeness. Tonic herbs can be taken indefinitely and work to keep the body in balance. When used over time they have a strengthening effect, serving to enhance vitality by stimulating weak organs and the vital systems. They are one of the most important tools for achieving optimal wellness and graceful, painless aging. 

Tonic herbs nourish the body, increase immunity and will enhance your quality of life… the perfect traveling buddies on our quest for vitality!


*Always be sure the herbs you wildcraft – pick directly from nature – are not taken from an area treated with a chemical weed killer, lawn fertilizer or other compound not safe for ingestion.

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