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Seasonal Allergies: Fighting Nature with Nature – Conclusion

Seasonal Allergies: Fighting Nature with Nature – Conclusion

PictureI’ve enjoyed learning about all the possible ways to fight nature with nature when it comes to seasonal allergies, and I hope you have, too!
We first covered the benefits of a real food diet and the several key ingredients in our recipe for better health.

Next we took a quick tour of the herb realm and discovered some key herbs that not only boost our immune-system, but ward off seasonal allergies, too.

Last time we discussed the little-known world of safe and efficient homeopathic remedies that can provide great relief for those already suffering from the sniffles and sneezes.

Today, we’ll briefly conclude this article on alternative options for seasonal allergy relief with a quick overview of some helpful essential oils.


Essential Oils

Three of the best oils by far are Lavender, Lemon and Peppermint… all which contain antihistamine properties and are anti-inflammatory. You can take internally up to three drops of each per day, but if doing so be sure to back them up with some good probiotics! Otherwise, I recommend mixing them with a carrier oil, like coconut or almond or even olive, and rubbing the mixture on the bottoms of your feet or on your temples, the back of your neck or on your chest.

Always be sure to obtain high-quality food-grade oils if using them for ingestion and hold off on the peppermint if using homeopathic remedies concurrently (read why).

You may have also come across references to Roman Chamomile essential oil for it’s great allergy-reducing effects. The truth is Chamomile makes an excellent anti-inflammatory oil and does wonders at calming the body, but it’s also closely related to Ragweed. For most seasonal allergy sufferers I know this would not be a very helpful recommendation. Just sayin’.

This year why not avoid the prescription and OTC drugs that often leave you feeling drained, drowsy and dried-out? 

There are many effective, natural options available for your use to help you fight the good fight against seasonal allergies. What’s more, they’re safe for children, pregnant and nursing mommas and the elderly alike! Before you reach for a synthetic alternative, give one… or all… of these great all-natural options a try and see if you can avoid the sneezing, snoozing and sniffling this spring by fighting nature with nature! 

For more information on what allergens are currently high in your area of the nation, click here.