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Outside the Box: Breakfast Ideas for Grain-Free, Dairy-Free Eating

Outside the Box: Breakfast Ideas for Grain-Free, Dairy-Free Eating

No grains.

No dairy. 

No refined sugar. 

If you’re struggling with a chronic disease your body will certainly thank you for making an effort to avoid these popular food items known to promote systemic inflammation, digestive distress, immune-suppressionyeast overgrowth and a leaky gut

I frequently coach my clients to avoid one or all of these during their time of healing but I know that such a directive can seem overwhelming to put into practice. And when it comes to breakfast, avoiding grains, dairy and refined sugar pretty much eliminates 80% of American breakfast choices. 

Bummer, I know.

The trick to mastering a new way of eating is to focus on what you can eat. Keeping that in mind, here are some ideas to get your breakfast creativity flowing… and your tummy growling.



The mighty egg is a powerhouse of nutrition and your ticket to creative breakfast choices. Even free-range, organic eggs are a wonderful budget-friendly protein source for large and small families alike. (I should know, my family goes through 6 dozen weekly.) Their omega-3 content is substantial and the amount of B vitamins found in the yoke (yes, eat the yoke!) will fuel your metabolism and sustain you all the way until lunch. Paired with vegetables (yes, for breakfast!) you might just discover a new favorite breakfast meal.

If fruit is more your thing, give these Blueberry & Nut Omelettes a try!

Nuts & Seeds

No matter how great eggs are not many of us care to eat them morning after morning after morning. If that sounds like you, change things up with a focus on nuts and seeds. Chia seeds boast of high omega-3s and are a great choice for a summer’s breakfast and hemp seeds blow pretty much everything else out of the water with their high amounts of vital nutrients like magnesium!


Classic Makeovers

I’m a huge fan of steel-cut oats and encourage my clients to incorporate them into their diet as often as they can. But there are times when the body needs a clean break from ALL grains, even the good ones. When you’re yearning for comforting breakfast classics like oatmeal, though, it’s helpful to have some tricks up your sleeve. 

Soup and Salad. Yes, really.

While I know a select few who can stomach salad for breakfast, I like to recommend something even more digestible for the morning meal: Soup. 

Honestly, soup is one of our all-time favorite out-of-the-box choices for breakfast. It’s filling, satisfying, and boosts clarity of mind for the rest of the day. (You can see my other 4 reasons for having soup for breakfast here.) I kid you not. The only thing that holds you back is the American breakfast mentality.


If you’re interested in poking around online for other great grain-free, dairy-free breakfast ideas, consider running a search for:

  • Paleo breakfast ideas
  • AIP breakfast ideas
  • Whole30 breakfast ideas

My friend Sarah who blogs at Real Food Outlaws has a wealth of grain-free menu plans to look through, too!

To your health!

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